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Describing behind the scenes of a multimedia publishing production is like having to tell the story of a journey to discover distant and unexplored lands. The maps are obsolete, and so one must count on his own experience, his willpower and his intuition.

From the conception of the project, to the production of the contents, to the post production, right up to the packaging of the finished project, The Guitar Encyclopedia is the result of a "monumental" task.

Every day, for more than 3 years, it involved dozens of guitar players, audio technicians, programmers, directors, graphic designers, production directors, and most of the “organizational” staff of the CPM Music Institute, which served as the base camp for this project. It occupied dozens of teachers who, under the direction, coordination, and experience of Franco Mussida, consolidated the Work Plan and developed the technical and educational contents, participated in the video and audio recordings, and drafted explanations and musical scores, MIDI Files, exercises, and pieces.

Dozens of Hard Disks were used to protect and file audios, videos, CDs, and DVDs. Dozens of experts and a great quantity of professional equipment were used to record, edit, catalog, and add at least a thousand videos into the database, each of which has its own code, each with its own frame, each with its sound, characteristics, and relevance.

One extremely long job was to synchronize all the material and assign the multimedia resources to the database.

So we must make a point of giving our heartfelt thanks to all the individuals and teachers who offered their professionalism and talent to turn this dream that is now a reality: creating The Guitar Encyclopedia.

Our deepest thanks to Maria, Claudio, Marcello, Leonardo, and to Aldo, Patrick, and Pier for having succeeded, in spite of the technological unknowns involved in each innovation, in making this dream a reality. We hope that all of this may be of use to you during your musical lifetime..

CD Bases

One of the more than 300 CDs containing audio material

Edit list

An example of a summary sheet in the phases of video editing

Post video

Marcello deep in thought at the editing station

Audio Studio

Francesco hard at work in the recording studio


Here are some photos taken during the final phase of printing the box. From the blank sheet through all the colour passages until the final result - and what noise!